Monday, April 19, 2010

Quick update on James

Our little guy is growing up! We can't believe he'll be 10 months old this week. The time sure flies by!

At his 9 month appointment he had dropped on the growth chart from 50% to about 30% for both height and weight. Ironically, I had been so concerned because he had been eating so much and I was afraid I was feeding him too much! He seems to be hungry every 3 hours for either solids or milk and can down approximately 2 jars of baby food with no problem.

James started to crawl about mid-March and crawls with his right knee and left foot. He has been getting into EVERYTHING!...and we are still trying to figure out how to best baby proof our house. What do you do about things that you just don't want to move?! He also started cutting his first bottom tooth about the end of March (about time!) and has cut his second bottom since as well. He has started to become steadier on his feet and even stood up from squatting position today...just to grab on to me as soon as he made it up. We have some friends that have little push toys and James loves them and will walk all around while pushing them. I really need to invest in one! Maybe an early birthday gift...

He is babbling all the time and we love to hear him talk to himself. We're not really sure if he is "saying" anything yet but enjoy it none the less. It is also fun to see him constantly exploring and trying to figure out new things...and old things for that matter. He has been figuring out books lately and how they work. He'll even turn some pages for me when we read instead of just wanting to slobber them all the time.

Separation anxiety has definitely set in and he really likes his mom which is unfortunate sometimes. However, he has been doing rather well considering. He usually "needs" to be in the same room as mom or someone and gets offended if you start to walk away. He also will snuggle a little more than he used to which I absolutely love!

He is such a happy boy and brings us lots of joy! (I'll have to post pictures at a later time due to the loss of them...which is another post to come).