Wednesday, December 15, 2010

You're So Vein(y)...

Pregnancy continues to forge ahead. Overall, I have been feeling well. This time it hasn't been quite as easy as it was with James but not bad at all. I am currently 27 weeks along and am just easing my way into 3rd trimester.

The pictures below were taken last week (26weeks). I have many people that comment on how small I am but I sure don't feel small. In fact, last week I had my first feelings of, "I've got 3 months to go! How am I going to get any bigger?!"

The latest and greatest aches and pains I have been experiencing have been varicose veins (thus the title). Lovely, I know. And ironically, I've mainly been getting them on my left calf. It looks awful but has not been too painful yet. They do ache especially when I'm on my feet for a long time but aren't too bad. However, they are starting to get worse. I might start wearing some support socks if they get really bad. My mom got them starting with her second pregnancy and they were really painful for her. I just hope they don't become terribly painful. Anyone have experience with them? Suggestions?

We are getting really excited for baby girl's arrival. I went through a period where I had cold feet about being mom to 2 kids, especially a newborn. But thankfully, I have pretty much gotten over those gitters and am just excited. I've been reading up on labor and delivery a lot and I hope to have a successful VBAC. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much just in case.

Awhile back I mentioned that I was going to be going to a hematologist to address my low platelet issues. I was diagnosed with ITP (Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura), or in other words, low platelets for no explainable reason. Due to this, my doctor thinks that the anesthesiologist will be very hesitant to give me an epidural during labor. Ideally, I'd like to deliver naturally without medication so it is sort of a pro. However, it is always nice to have the option. The biggest downside is if they end up having to take me in for an emergency c-section, they might have to use general anesthesia and I'll be out for the whole delivery. Any suggestions on how you got through labor and delivery without meds?

Friday, December 10, 2010

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

I've been terrible at updating so hopefully this is the beginning of many more updates!
The day after Thanksgiving we decided to put up our Christmas decorations (the few that we didn't take very long). James was in heaven. He really enjoyed everything from the tree box, to the tree, to the ornaments. We tried to put the non breakable items on bottom since we know our little boy well! It turned out looking okay but the top definitely had more ornaments than the bottom.

Big helper!

Throughout the weeks since, all the bottom decorations have come off and eventually we have just put them on the top so the bottom of our tree has nothing on it (except for the pre-lit lights of course). It looks quite funny but you do what you gotta do! The other day I ran to the bathroom while James was playing in the front room. When I came out, I found our tree had been knocked over and one of my favorite ornaments (of course) had shattered. The culprit was standing right by the evidence. I wish I would have gotten a picture but was more concerned about keeping bare feet from stepping on glass. Our tree now has a nice piece of twine connecting it to the window to prevent further least we hope. For some reason he loves to get behind the tree. It is a good thing we love our boy!

Our funny looking Christmas tree