Monday, September 10, 2012

Baby #3

So, we are expecting child number 3. I wanted to write down some things about our decision and how pregnancy has gone so I don't forget!

I have always known that I would like my children closer together so when to have my children is actually on my mind quite a bit. I one time asked Phil if he thought much about this topic and at the time he had been studying tuberculosis in school. He asked me in return how often I thought about TB, the causing bacteria, etc. Alright, case made. It made me laugh though. I guess there just needs to be one of us thinking about it and to bring it up with the other to discuss.

I knew I wanted to wait a little longer than I did with Maren but then there was residency coming up. Maybe it doesn't make that much of a difference but I do remember a friend from Tucson telling me, "No matter what, don't have a baby during the first year of residency!" and for some reason it has stuck. I guess Phil will be extra busy and I'd be trying to figure out being a mom of 3 by myself without the two extra hands. Because of that, I wanted to wait until the end of residency year 1 or have a child before then with a little extra room for adjustment.

When Maren was close to 11 months old I remember feeling totally not ready. Pregnancy with Maren came when James was about 1 and the thought terrified me. However, over the next month, with lots of prayer as to what to do, I finally felt like whenever I felt ready, everything would turn out okay. Even after that feeling came I vacillated back and forth as to what to do but tried to hold to that feeling that I previously had. Heavenly Father graciously comforted me several times again and when I finally felt good about it, we moved  forward.

It was actually quite ironic that after I was pregnant and couldn't go back, I ended up babysitting a 4 month old for a neighbor for a week and thinking to myself, "What was I thinking?!?!" Once again, I've had to hold on to that feeling that everything was going to be fine and would work out how it was supposed to work out.

My first appointment went well. I am continuing  to go to my previous doctor (yes, my stake president) and although I was super nervous about how things would go, I was completely comforted by how comfortable I felt during my appointment and have been since. My due date was supposed to be right around Valentine's day but the baby was measuring a week bigger which puts me at February 6.

My pregnancy has gone well. I had a little nausea (with no vomiting) like I did with Maren which wasn't fun but nothing to complain about. At about 12-13 weeks I started getting some varicose vein pain. It has no rhyme or reason to it. Some days I don't notice it while others it really bothers me. I've also started getting braxton hicks contractions (which I'm pretty sure I had with both James and Maren by this time) which are just a little uncomfortable for those few seconds.

I don't remember talking about other women having babies in their tummies so when James asked me randomly while sitting on my lap when I was only 7-8 weeks along, it really took me off guard. I decided to completely lie to him as I wasn't ready for others to know yet. However, he asked me again during church the day before my first appointment, about 10 weeks, and I figured we were going to tell him and others that week anyway, so I told him I did. He then asked me if he had a baby in his tummy too. I think he understands but doesn't understand at the same time. Every time we asked him if there was a baby girl or baby boy in my tummy, regardless of which came first, he answered girl except for once. Because my pregnancy had been so similar to Maren's and because of James' answer, I knew it was another girl.

My doctor does ultrasounds at every appointment up to 20 weeks so when I went in for my appointment at 15 weeks I knew there was a good chance I could find out the gender. Phil wasn't able to come but luckily had a lull at the hospital and was able to "be there" via phone. And to my surprise, it was a boy. My first response, as stated before was surprise. But then I had a feeling of excitement and knowing that it was supposed a to be a boy coming to our family next.

I haven't felt movement yet, at least not that I'm absolutely positive was movement but I pay close attention as the timing is soon. I'm definitely in the fat/poochy stage where I just look awkward and look bad in most all I wear. However, I've had two people ask me if I'm pregnant so it must be obvious enough (something I would never dare ask anyone!).

As time goes on and more and more pregnancy symptoms come, I get more excited and nervous! We love our two kids and are so excited to add to the bunch!