Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Accomplishments

The last weekend of January I accomplished something I never thought I would ever do...I ran my first half marathon. I actually used to never have any desire to reach this goal but here I am.

Phil's sister, Janette, wrote and said there was a 1/2 marathon going on in Queen Creek. I have been training for the Ragnar Relay and so this race sort of fit into my training schedule.

As for a report on the race:
It was a lot harder than I was expecting. However, I didn't die...which is good. I felt pretty good throughout the whole race but the last couple of miles I was starting to get really tired. It didn't help that I didn't know the route. We would make a turn and I'd think "What!? This is taking me further away from my final destination! I want to go the other way! When is it going to end?" Janette asked me towards the end if I wanted to stop for water. I decided I just wanted to finish and be done. We were able to kick up our pace towards the end and then sprint to the finish line. My calves cramped up right after the race and my quads were a little sore for a few days after but not too bad. I now get to focus on my next race which I think will be easier but harder at the same time. Ragnar, here I come!

7 1/2 months

I've been terrible with keeping a record of James' growth and development. Hopefully he'll forgive me when he gets older!

Little James is the apple of our eyes! We sure love him. At his 6 month appointment his stats were:
wt: 16 lbs, 8oz (49%)
ht: 26.5in (49%)
head cir.: 17.5 (51%)

In the last month he has mastered sitting up and has gotten much more daring when reaching for things. He's taken a few tumbles which is just the beginning of many. He is becoming quite the roller and is beginning to show signs of crawling. He'll get in crawling position and then start to cry because he doesn't know what to do from there. He has become a little more vocal in his gibberish language and has started to imitate more. His latest thing is scrunching his nose and breathing in and out really fast while sticking his tongue out of his smiling lips...he is quite the multi-tasker!

He started sleeping through the night again quite well in mid-December and although it hasn't been as good as the first time, mom is quite happy. He has even started going down for naps this past week without having to be rocked! Some of our favorite things about him (just to name a few):
-His laughs and giggles
-When holding him in cradle position, he sometimes strokes your face with his hand
-He LOVES being around other makes him very happy
-How content he is
-Seeing him first thing in the morning and after naps...he's all smiles
-He loves paper and all electronics (including phone, camera, keyboard, etc.)
-His "Buddha" belly

He is a very happy baby and he brings us lots of joy!