Friday, August 27, 2010

Picture dump and Summer Review

I don't know why it is such a chore for me to post but it is. And it isn't even the posting itself, but the thought of posting, uploading pictures, formatting, etc. Once I get going, it really isn't so bad (except when I accidently erase something that I have spent so much time on). I've put it off and finally decided there was no more procrastinating. So here are a few posts about our summer.
It rained here a few weeks ago so we decided to just let James go play in the rain in the nude (with a diaper of course). Phil and I didn't want to get wet so we walked around with the umbrella and let James play in the water. He was in heaven!

James has been smiling this crooked smile lately. It really makes us laugh. He does it a lot when he isn't very happy with us. It shows his 4 teeth and we think it is pretty cute!

I thought it seemed awfully quiet!


Day 1

In mid-July we left to go to Utah for vacation. Since James is not a great traveler we decided to take the trip in a few days. The first day we left mid-morning and stopped at Montezuma's castle. It has been years since I have been there and I don't think Phil had ever been so we made a trip there. We lucked out and didn't have to pay to get in since the rangers were at a lecture which was perfect since we were only there 30minutes. It is pretty amazing what the Native Americans did!
Our little family

Steve, Phil, and James

In Cameron by the Little Colorado River

Day 2

We spent the night at my cousin, Rachelle's home, in Panguitch which really helped break up the trip. the next day, Phil, James, and I went to Bryce Canyon and went for a 6.5 mile hike. We started at Sunset Point, had planned on hiking down the Wallstreet trail but it was closed due to falling rocks so went down the Navajo Trail, did the Peekaboo Loop, and then hiked to the Queen's garden to exit to Sunrise Point. We then walked the half mile back to Sunset Point where our car was. It was awesome. It was so beautiful and the weather was perfect. It was a little warmer than I had expected but we had some good cloud cover off and on through the hike which was so nice. James did amazing. He just hung out in his hiking backpack, took a little snooze half way through, and hung out some more. What a trooper!

(The pictures are backwards...first is the end, end is the beginning)

And still happy at the end. (Probably just so glad to not be stuck in a car!)

The After Picture. We made it!

The Before Picture

After our hike we drove to Lehi where my brother, Ray, lives. We got to go to Noah's last Coach pitch baseball game which was fun and then we stayed the night at their house.

The rest of the trip:

Wilson Whoopee Reunion 2010

At the Wilson reunion we got to do some Minute to Win it games. They were probably more fun to watch than actually do! Later, we went up to Peteetneet School (where my mom went to elementary school) and got to play on a giant slip-n-slide. It was so fun. I wish I would have gotten more pictures!

Pierce, Ray, Phil, and James

My mom's siblings from back to front (John, Janette, Judy, Mom, Charlie)

James finally crashed and thanks to Dad for holding him! He was so tired!


We went for a little hike with my Aunt Judy, Uncle Dave, Aunt Janette, and my mom. It was to a little waterfall called the Gorge (is that right, Judy?). It was a fun little hike!

Judy, mom, Janette

Janette, Mom, Dave, Judy, Phil, James, Me

Other pics:
Pictures with Grandpa Wilson. I was so glad Grandpa let me take these!

Eating rootbeer floats with Aunt Janette. She became his best friend!

LeSueur Fun!

For the July LeSueur Sunday where we gather with all of Phil's siblings, we were able to take advantage of my parent's home on a Saturday evening and go swimming. It was lots of fun. We went swimming, visited, ate, and visited some more. We kinda like those guys!

Drew had some splash making skills!

Isn't this an awesome picture of Derek?

I love this picture! Andersen was so sweet and shared his watermelon with James!

Reorganizing Mima's kitchen

One of James' favorite things to do in St. David was reorganize Mima's kitchen. I had left the room and came back to find many things in the wrong place. Here are some pictures of all the fun he had one day!
The culprit!
I love his squating stance. He does this all the time!

And this one really made me laugh. He decided the trash can was a much better storage place for the cans!

First hair cut

James had his first "real" haircut and his first Grandpa Jim haircut in July which he needed so desperately. He did okay. He kept wanting to see what was going on which made it so he wouldn't sit still. He wasn't easily distracted either. I loved the way it turned out. Thanks to Grandpa for a job well done!

The finished product!