Friday, September 17, 2010

One down, two to go!

We are expecting #2 and I am pleased to announce that I have finished the first trimester! With James, the first trimester was a breeze. In fact, the whole pregnancy was pretty darn easy. This time around has been slightly different. I had felt yucky off and on from exactly 4 weeks. I never vomited but just felt nauseous. It would come and go throughout the day and was worse at certain times than others, but was so unpredictable. Isn't it amazing how you can hit that 12-13 week point and all of a sudden, you just feel so much better? I am still tired but am doing fine. I just have to sit down and 'rest' for awhile after being on my feet or I try to sneak in a nap when James is sleeping.

I am due around March 15 which makes me about 14 weeks at this point. It has been interesting preparing for this pregnancy/birth/etc. this time. Going into it, I kind of knew what to expect. However, I've had a much different perspective and attitude towards the finish line. I have spent much more time looking around for doctors. Last time, I just got suggestions from people I knew and then went on my insurance plan and just picked one. Because I had a c-section with James, I've had to put a little more depth in to my research to find a doctor that would fit my needs. First and foremost, I wanted a doctor that was willing to try a VBAC. I want to be able to deliver this baby vaginally if at all possible. I wanted a doctor who is really patient. If they aren't, that would decrease my chances of doing a VBAC.

My choice? A doctor who's office is literally right down the street from our house. It is like a half mile away. How convenient. Yes, he does VBACs. He only has 2 other doctors in his group so my chances of having him deliver me are greater. He is a member of my faith (which isn't the biggest deal, but means he comes from a similar background when it comes to values and beliefs). The biggest downside for me? He's my stake president. Weird? I thought so at first, and still sometimes do since I've only seen him once. But I had a great experience with him at our first appointment. I've also hardly heard anything negative about him. These were some of the thoughts I wrote down about my appointment:

After paper work/blood work, etc. "they took us back to the doctor's actual office, not an exam room, and waited there about 5-10 minutes. He then came in and just talked with us for about 25 minutes. We went over some of the paperwork where he asked questions and also my preference in certain things like hospitals. The thing I loved was that he brought up having a vaginal delivery, not me. He said, 'Because you had a c-section, you have the option of trying to have a vaginal delivery for this one or to have another c-section.' I was blown away that I didn't have to ask about it. He then went into statistics, risks, etc. of a VBAC and asked me what I wanted. He was very clear and answered questions thoroughly."

I still get a little nervous about going and seeing him (which part of it is just having to go see doctors, period...kind of ironic since my husband will be one some day!). I also dread seeing him at church, which doesn't happen very often, but still happens. Hopefully as the pregnancy progresses and appointments become more frequent, it will get better.

And here is the picture of the little one. We will put a better one up when he grows a little more. (and for clarification, we always say "he" until proven otherwise just so it isn't "it", so don't get too excited.)

Also, I've been trying to check out some good pregnancy books. Any suggestions?